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We were lucky enough to get a chance to record a demo version of the barnstorming show-stopper from Quiz Night - The Musical,

'Google It (Don't Google It)'

(Click on song title)

Then, and this is the awesome bit, we got two banging remixers to remix the track. We got a jungle one and a banging techno one...

The Del Gazebo's Googlist Movement jungle remix

The Sly Downtown techno remix

...because why not?

What our friends are up to...

Notflix - The Improvised Musical

Musical comedy mayhem featuring Emma Read, star of Quiz Night: The Musical.

Read about it and book here

Jukebox Free Guarantee 

We guarantee that:

  • all of the songs in our musicals will be written specifically for that moment in that show with those characters.
  • we will not shoehorn well known, successful rock and pop music into our shows.
  • we do reserve the right, however, to dip into the odd instumental vamp by way of background and incidental music. For example, Quiz Night - The Musical simply wouldn't be the same without our jazz trio's jam of Theme from Countdown.